You may be wondering if a residential locking system is really necessary.

With crime rates on the rise, it’s more important than ever to take steps to protect your home and family. A residential locking system is one of the best ways to do just that.

Here are 12 important facts about residential locking systems that will help you make an informed decision about what’s best for your home security needs.


12 Most Important Facts About Residential Locking Systems


1. Residential locking systems are not just for homeowners.

For many people, a residential locking system is simply an added convenience, like having extra locks on your doors to make entry more secure if someone gets locked out of the house or loses their keys. But there are other uses for residential locking systems that may seem somewhat counterintuitive—for instance, the fact that many apartment complexes use them to keep individual units safer (and reduce liability).

2. A residential locking system gives you peace of mind.

One of the biggest benefits of installing a residential locking system is that it eliminates most household security concerns. Why? Because it makes it impossible for even your best friends – er… family members – to get into parts of your home where they don’t belong. There’s no question that a residential locking system keeps the bad guys out and your valuables safe.

3. Residential locking systems can help reduce home insurance rates.

Why? Because it makes your house harder to break into.  And since criminals prey on easy targets, having a residential locking system is one of the smartest things you can do as a homeowner to keep yourself (and your belongings) as secure as possible.

4. Residential locking systems make sense for everyone, not just millennials or first-time buyers.

Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing, today’s residential locks are very reliable – even more affordable than ever before! Now even renters can take advantage of these impressive security devices and peace-of-mind benefits.

5. Residential locking systems add to your real estate value.

If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, a residential locking system is one more way to boost its resale value and appeal to potential buyers (that is, if you ever want to sell). A smart seller knows that their biggest asset isn’t the house itself – but what’s inside it. That’s where a residential locking system comes in – making the house itself safer and more attractive for everyone who lives there or visits regularly.

6. When it comes to residential locking systems, less really can mean more.

When most people think of residential locks, they think ‘complex’ or ‘difficult.’ But nowadays even the highest-security locks are surprisingly simple to install and use. There are a wide variety of residential locks available that fit nearly every type of budget and lifestyle. The best part is, they’re simple yet strong enough for just about anyone, from the elderly to TEOTWAWKI preppers!

7. A residential locking system can provide you with long-term peace of mind.

Most people don’t realize this benefit of having a residential locking system until it’s way too late – after they already get robbed! But when it comes down to it, the best reason for getting a residential locking system is so you never have to face that horror again. Knowing your family is safe from criminals (and well taken care of by your home security system) should be worth far more than the money you spend on it.

8. We all know locksmiths are helpful, but do you know why?

Most people don’t realize that residential locking systems can actually be configured to alert your local locksmith if things go wrong – like when you lose your keys or get locked out! This is especially useful because there’s nothing worse than being stuck outside in the cold (or heat) because of a simple mistake like misplacing your keys. If this sounds at all useful to you, be sure to tell your home security system dealer about this feature during installation.

9. Residential locking systems give homeowners peace-of-mind benefits they probably aren’t even aware of.

Did you ever think something as simple as having a residential locking system could actually reduce crime rates in your neighborhood? By doing so, it decreases the overall risk of theft that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. This can help make your local community safer for everyone – which is one more reason why you should get a residential locking system today!

10. No matter what age you are, you’ll want to install a home security system.

No matter how old or young you are, having some form of residential security will give you peace-of-mind benefits at any stage of life. Kids love knowing their toys and belongings are safe from burglars – no matter how often they lose things! And parents love sleeping peacefully knowing their children are less likely to be victims of violent crimes.

Meanwhile, parents-to-be can ensure their baby’s nursery is completely secure before bringing the little one home. But this doesn’t just apply to new parents – it should be an important consideration for anyone who values their safety and security!

11. Residential locking systems are actually much easier to use than you think.

If you’ve never had one before, there’s no need to worry about trying to understand how they work – every residential locking system has a simple user interface that makes them easy for anyone to understand and use. They’re also all extremely reliable and very durable (so long as your dealer installs the best internal components). So if you’re ever in doubt or have questions about anything related to your residential locks, don’t hesitate to call a local locksmith.

12. A car without wheels isn’t going anywhere, and neither is a home without the best residential locking system.

Whether you’re dealing with a simple lock or working on something more complex, it’s important to always use the right tools for the job.

For instance, if your key breaks off in your lock while you’re outside in the cold (or heat) – you’ll have no choice but to wait until someone comes along who can help drill or pick your lock open… unless of course, you have some way to contact a local locksmith! So make sure everyone in your household knows about this feature – because getting stuck out in the cold isn’t fun for anyone!


FAQs  About Residential Locking Systems


What is a residential locking system?

Residential locking systems are automated security technology that protects homes and other buildings from burglars and intruders. It’s typically used as part of a larger home security system, but can also be purchased solo if desired.


Why do I need a residential locking system?

Residential locking systems offer countless benefits to homeowners and their families. They’re known to reduce certain types of crime, keep everyone safe at night, protect personal belongings and property, and increase the overall value of your house!


What should I look for when buying a new residential locking system?

When shopping for your new residential locksmithing equipment, consider these 5 important factors :

1. Locks

2. User interface (the external controls)

3. Locking mechanism (what keeps the door or window closed)

4. Housing (how it’s mounted to the house, where all of the internal components are stored)

5. Installation method (in case you need to take them with you when you move somewhere else in the future).


What materials should a residential locking system be made out of?

Residential locksmithing equipment is usually metal or plastic, but can occasionally be made from other types of materials too. Trust your dealer to make sure it’s durable enough to last for years!


Do I need to change my residential locking system batteries?

Yes, most residential locksmithing equipment uses standard AA or AAA batteries that need to be replaced every few months – make sure you ask about this whenever you buy new equipment!


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