Nobody wants to be in a position where they need to replace their door locks. However, there are some signs that will tell you when it’s time for this precautionary measure. The best thing is that if you act on the signs before someone uses your key or does something else illegal with it, then all of your worries will disappear and you won’t have any problems at all.

Here are seventeen signs that will tell you when it’s time to replace your locks. This list will tell you how your situation changes the game.


1. Signs of wear and tear

Even if they’re made from sturdy materials, locks get worn down over time. Locking your door is easy, but if you don’t take care of it over time the key might not work anymore. This would be really frustrating and lead to a lot more wasted time than necessary!

If you find that your key isn’t working in the lock, then there might be wear and tear on it, which means that it’s time to replace the lock.

Sure, it’s nice to have really old-looking locks on the front of your house. However, any locks that are older than a few decades probably aren’t as good at keeping you safe as they should be.

Professional Locksmith Tip: If your past locksmith estimates were more than $200 and the lock still isn’t working well, it may be time to replace (not repair) the lock.

Locks often need to be replaced because they’re old and worn out. When a lock is installed incorrectly, it needs to be moved or fixed in order to work well even though you don’t necessarily see the problem. A new installation will ensure that there are no such problems as exposed bolt heads that can prevent a key from being inserted into the lock.


2. Damaged locks

If you’ve changed the key for your front door several times but the new keys don’t work more than twice (including having to change your locks), then it’s time to change the lock.

The other problem with locks is when they get damaged beyond repair because of someone trying to break in. If this happens, then you’ll need to replace the lock immediately because it will be too easy for burglars and thieves to do something nefarious with it!

Professional Locksmith Tip: If you have a good insurance policy, then it’s possible that your locks will be replaced by them for free. You can refer to them in order to get replacements if necessary.


3. Frequent use

If your lock is getting used a lot more than usual, then that means that there might be one or more people trying to break in. If this is the case, then you need to do everything that you can to protect yourself!


4. You aren’t sure when it was last replaced

If it’s hard for you to remember when the last time was that your locks were replaced, then there are probably a few reasons why this is the case. One reason might be that your lock needs to be replaced soon, but you can’t remember when it was last done. Or maybe the opposite is true and you might need to do some work on your house soon!


5. You have children or pet


Locks are designed for adults who weigh more than an average child. If you have kids or pets, then your lock is not as secure as it can be. You need to make sure that you do something about this if you want to keep everyone in the family safe!

There are a few other signs that will tell you when it’s time to replace your locks. This way, you won’t have to put a lot of energy into figuring out what you need to do next.


6. You lose your key or it gets stolen

This is an easy one because most people know how important keys are to them! If you lose yours or someone takes it without permission, then you should get new locks right away so no one can use your old key against your wishes. Signs 2-5 come into play when someone finds your key, looks at the front of your house, and decides to use it without permission.


7. You’ve never changed your locks

When was the last time you replaced your locks? You might have been able to get away with not replacing them for years, but now it might be time to do something.

It might seem paranoid to change all of your locks after every incident where they get worn down or damaged by something natural. But if you don’t do it anytime in your life then you might want to get new ones before someone finds your key.


8. You’re moving soon


If you’re moving quickly and don’t have any time to change the locks yourself, then it might be a good idea to get them replaced ahead of time so that they’ll be ready when you need them.

Everyone who lives in an apartment building should check out the signs and replace their locks before it’s too late. If you see one or two of these signs, then that doesn’t mean you need to take action right away. However, if you notice three or more working together, then it might be time for a change. If you replace your locks on time, then you won’t have to worry about someone opening your door without permission.


9. When a tenant leaves

You should be aware of what your policy is for replacing locks when there’s a break in the lease. If this isn’t something that you know how to do, then don’t make any hasty decisions or promises to tenants who are leaving or moving out.


10. When a new occupant moves in

If you’re part of a landlord group, then there’s probably a procedure that everyone needs to follow when it comes time to change locks on their rental properties. If not, then don’t make any promises to new residents about replacing the locks without checking with your neighbors first!


11. Whenever someone gets a key made

This is common sense, but you need to make sure that your locks are changed as soon as someone gets a key to your home without asking first. Otherwise, your family might be in danger!


12. When an employee leaves

If you need to change your locks because an employee or a tenant is leaving, then make sure that you get new ones ahead of time. Otherwise, they might be able to use their keys to open your doors down the road!


13. Your house has been broken into before or when something bad happens

How do you think this person got their key? This is definitely a sign that tells you that your locks have been compromised or worn down enough to where someone can copy them. You need to change the locks as soon as possible so no one else can take advantage of them!

When there’s even just a trickle of a connection between a bad event and your locks, then you need to take action as soon as possible. If someone tries to hurt you or steal from you, then they might have been able to get into your home because the locks weren’t strong enough!


14. Difference between keys

If you notice a difference between the keys of different locks, then there might be an issue with some of them. If you have a master key, then it still might not be too late to get new locks on the front and back doors!

You want to make sure that all your locks are in line so that they can’t be copied or duplicated. This means investing in high-quality products, so the bad guys won’t be able to get in!


15. Family transitions (kids going to college, divorces, and deaths)

If a member of your family has moved away or passed away, then you must change the locks. If the new resident doesn’t know that this is something that they need to do, then it’s important for them to learn as quickly as possible.

It’s never too soon to begin investing in security measures for your home, and this is especially true when something like a divorce or death has happened. You don’t know what the new resident might be able to get into your home, and they could bring more criminal activity with them!


16. When your family grows

If your family is increasing, then you might need to get new locks installed. This isn’t just about knowing that everyone can get in and out of the house safely and securely. It’s also about making sure that every member of the family has their own key!

You should consider investing in master keys if it’s possible to do so, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough copies of your keys. This is especially true if you have renters who are moving in or out over the years!


17. Prevent your keys from being copied

Another sign that it’s time for a new lock is if your old one has been tampered with. It’s not just kids playing around- sometimes people know how to tamper with locks, and they’re not exactly good people. If your lock doesn’t look healthy or is covered in scratches, then it might be time to replace it.


Right On Time Locksmith offers lock replacement services

All fifteen signs will tell you that it’s time to change your locks, which is a good thing! Not only will this make the people in your household feel safer, but it can also reduce concerns about theft, break-ins, and other common crimes.

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