Locks are one of the most important security features in your home. They protect the people inside from intruders, but they also prevent fire and other disasters from breaking out.

But if you’ve ever had the problem that your keys are inside and there’s someone outside trying to get in, or that you can’t unlock the door no matter how hard you try because the lock’s worn out, then this blog post will be helpful.


Here are 28 easy fixes for locking problems with your front door:


1. Put a piece of tape over any exposed screws on your doorknob

If an intruder tries to use them as leverage they’ll break off easily (no need for tools).


2. Fixing faulty locks

If your lock is sticking or not catching properly when you turn the key, you can fix it by removing the screws on the outside of your door and cleaning them with a metal file.


3. Re-aligning a misaligned lock

If your lock is skewed or not adjustable then you may have to remove it. To do this, first mark all 4 sides of your existing lock using a permanent marker. Then, remove the screws on the inside of your door and take it off.


4. Putting in a new strike plate

This is one of those things that you may not think is important but will be amazed by how it improves security and stability when you install one yourself (no need for tools).


5. Fixing a loose doorknob

If the doorknob is loose, you won’t be able to lock it properly. To fix this, remove the screws on the inside of your door and tighten them with a screwdriver or wrench (no tools needed).


6. Replacing iced over locks

If your locks are totally iced over because it’s wintertime, warm them up by putting a cloth on the handle and turning it back and forth for 5 minutes.


7. Replacing busted knobs

If your door lock is broken beyond repair, you’ll have to replace your entire doorknob set with one that’s in good condition (no tools).


8. Replacing a push-button lock

If you have a push-button lock that isn’t working, then it’s time to replace the mechanism inside the lock. To do this, first, remove the screws on the outside of your door and take them apart (no tools needed).


9. Replacing a slide bolt lock

If your bottom locking mechanism is broken or you just don’t like it, you can replace it with a slide bolt lock (no tools needed).


10. Replacing a deadbolt

If your deadbolt is broken beyond repair then you’ll have to put in a new one that’s improved and more secure than the one you already had (no tools).


11. Replacing the strike plate on your deadbolt

If you want to make sure that your deadbolt has optimum stability and strength, install a premium strike plate (no tools).


12. Replacing the knob on your deadbolt

Just like with standard doorknobs, you can replace this one too (no tools needed).


13. Replacing a window lock

If your window is easy to break into because of the way it’s locked then you should consider replacing it (no tools needed).


14. Replacing a sash lock

If your window is locked with a rusty or broken sash lock, replace it with one that’s more secure and modern (no tools needed).


15. Putting in a double cylinder deadbolt

This makes it impossible for anyone to reach through your door and unlock the knob from the other side. To install one, just follow the instructions that come with it (no tools).


16. Installing a sliding glass door bar

If your sliding glass doors aren’t locked when you shut them at night then you should consider installing one of these bars from the outside so they lock automatically when closed (no tools needed).


17. Securing sliding glass doors

You can secure your sliding glass door by adding a bar to lock both the door and the frame when you shut them at night (no tools needed).


18. Locking windows

If you have windows with locks on the sashes, you should always make sure that they’re secure when you close them at night (no tools needed).


19. Securing your garage door

This is much easier than what people think because all that’s involved in it is adding a bar to lock them both at the top and bottom of the door. You can get one from your local hardware store (no tools needed).


20. Installing a new lock on your front door

If you want to make sure that all of these easy fixes weren’t in vain and that your home is safe and secure, you should consider installing a double cylinder deadbolt (no tools needed).


21. Installing an additional security chain

This will keep two points of entry secure even if someone gets past your locks (no tools needed).


22. Replacing the strike plates on your doors

If they’re made out of soft metal, then you should consider replacing them with steel ones that are harder to twist or break (no tools needed).


23. Replacing your doorknobs and locksets

This is the easiest way to secure your home and prevent break-ins (no tools needed).


24. Installing stainless steel security pins

You can use these in the cylinder of a standard deadbolt lock or in any other lock that you think might be vulnerable. They’re also good for pinning your old locks because they make them stronger (no tools).


25. Replacing a standard knob with a double cylinder deadbolt

If you want to give your home the best possible protection, then replacing the knobs on all of your doors is a great way to do that (no tools needed).


26. Setting up a home security system

If you want to make sure that your family is safe no matter what time of day it is, then installing a security system is the answer (no tools needed).


27. Rekeying or replacing locks on your garage door

Don’t let intruders get into your garage by making this easy fix. All you have to do is buy a new lock from your local hardware store and replace the old one (no tools needed).


28. Replacing your keyed knob cylinder with a deadbolt

This way you can use a single key on all of them and it’ll be impossible for someone to pick the locks or turn the knobs to break in (no tools needed).


Do you have a problem with your locks? If any of these steps seem too tough, then it’s a good idea to call a professional locksmith to help you out.

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